Movie Review: Nirbaak – Srijith Mukherji And Sushmita Sen Take A Bow

nirbaak-01It’s sensitive, it’s a cinematic treat and it’s a poetry in motion; well, we are talking about direct Srijit Mukherji’s Nirbaak that has just been released.

Nirbaak is laced with people living on the fringes of an urban society, a whole lot of sexual innuendos and a narrative style that is unique and mesmerising.

The film is divided into four parts. Malcom (Anjan Dutt) is a jazz musician of some kind who is consumed with self love and alienated from the world around him. Malcolm is seen taking, long, luxurious dips in a soapy bathtub, followed by a shower, then another bath, and again another shower, till he hits his head on the edge of the bathtub and dies.

The other three stories are about different kinds of love, jealousy and alienation. The major players in these stories are an urban couple (Jisshu Sengupta and Sushmita Sen), a tree in a park in love with a girl (Sushmita Sen), a dog in love with a man, and last but not the least a sociopath (Ritwick Chakraborty) in love with his wife’s (Sushmita Sen) dead body.

Each segment of Nirbaak seems to be carefully put together. The love making sequence between the tree and Sushmita Sen will leave a lasting impression on you. There is nothing crass or below the belt, nothing obscene, still it leaves a huge impact.

If one has to look at any negatives, though it’s a tall order, one feels that had Srijit Mukherji kept only two or three stories in the film instead if the existing four then possibly he would have been able to do justice to all, as each story would have managed to get more screen time.

Thus the film is burdened with a lot of potent dramatic possibilities, some of which remain unexplored. Nevertheless, Nirbaak is real, it’s non pretentious and it will for sure grown on you.

Even if you do not understand the language, watch it for it’s creative brilliance.


Summary: Srijith Mukherji's Nirbaak is sensitive, is a cinematic treat and is a poetry in motion.
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