Sai Tamhankar On Date With Saie: Who wouldn’t want a show on their name

Sai Tamhankar On Date With Saie: Who wouldn’t want a show on their name


Sai Tamhankar has won million hearts with her performances in Marathi and Hindi cinema. The Love Sonia actress is now thrilled for her upcoming series – ZEE5 Original ‘Date With Saie’. Directed by Dnyanesh Zoting, the series not only boasts of a powerful narrative but also features Saie in a never seen before avatar. Saie has performed several action sequences by herself for the show, a first for her.

Read on to know all that we spoke with Sai Tamhankar about:

What is Date With Saie?

It’s a thriller, drama, fiction, non-fiction mixed. I think such kind-off genre is never been touched and we’re very happy to explore anything like this. The second most important thing is that I play myself. These are the highlights I guess.

What was your experience of playing yourself and not someone else as a character?
Ohh, it was nice because then you get the whole playground. The whole playground is yours but then you need to decide aapka chauka kahan se baithega aur chauka kahan se baithega. Wahin se aapko batting karni hai aur yeh samjahna bahot zaruri hai. So I think I took a little time to figure that out but once I figured that out it was a smooth ride. When you play yourself you are driving the character toh I had to decide my graph which was a little difficult initially but with help of Dnyanesh we managed to get it right.

What made you choose the script and also what made you explore the digital world?
For Marathi web series this is just the beginning. I think there is a lot more to explore. For me, this was an unexplored medium or territory so I said why not because I believe digital is the future. Secondly, I was playing myself and that is the biggest reason why I said yes for it and come to the show is on my name – who wouldn’t want a show on their name. Again I worked with Dnaynesh before for Rakshash so this the comfort level and the story was quite kickass. For all these reasons I said yes.

How does it feel to play the lead where the story revolves around you?
Amazing! It feels really nice. We deal with stalking. Like it is shown in movies, Ohh, how cute? But in real life, it is not as cute as it sounds or looks. We talk about stalking and how it can get nasty.

Did you experience such stalking IRL?
Ohh! I had a stalker when I was in school who use to follow me and buy things similar to that I’ve bought. Then my mother in a very stern language had to make him understand this is not the way and things like that. So I had to experience something like this and trust me it is very stressful.

We see you hanging from your apartment and performing your own stunts. Why did you take this decision of performing such dangerous stunts?
I think that talks volume about who I am as a person and my personality. I like doing dangerous things and I like doing adventure sports and her you’ve safety and everything is covered. So I think jobs that you can do you should do them. There is no harm because the moment the harness is put on, you’re mentally relaxed than you know nothing is gonna go wrong and if at all anything goes wrong there are safety measures that have been taken. I’ve done sky-diving so this was nothing compared to sky-diving and I thought if I can do that I can do this.

What is the difference while you’re shooting for a film or web series?
Nothing yaar. Here also you’ve to work really hard, slog your ass and there also you’ve to work really hard and slog your ass The only difference I think is when you’re promoting the show you go heavy on digital. I think the rest of the things are the same. We use the same camera as used to make films. We also shot on RED. Everything was similar.

Now time for some fun questions

If you had to write a script, what character would you play?
Oh my god! Firstly I’m not a writer but if I had to write something it would really be something psychedelic or never been done before.

Series you’re hooked to now?
I’m currently watching Breaking Bad, I hadn’t watched it but I’ve finished almost everything. I’ve finished Crown, Dark, Stranger Things, Sacred Games, Inside Edge, Marvelous Misses Maisel, Game Of Thrones and now Breaking Bad.

Three things people don’t know about you?
I cannot drive a car.
I can cook really well. I’m a kickass cook.
I’m a very simple girl who believes in simple things. Even though I choose to play characters that are out of the box and bold characters like people say. I’m really a simple person. My thoughts are bold I’m not a bold girl like people think because of the choices that I’ve made.

Last movie you cried in?
Ohh It was the other day when I was watching Bohemian Rhapsody.

All-time favourite movie?
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ). I know its cliché but that is what I like the most.

Any series that you would recommend to your fans?
I think DARK. It’s a German show but it’s very very well made and Sacred Games, I think it’s a benchmark for Indian Netflix. And of course Date With Saie which is streaming from 5th of December.

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