KLB | Katrina Kaif: Babita Can’t Find A Completion That She In Herself Is Enough For Someone To Love Her

KLB | Katrina Kaif: Babita Can’t Find A Completion That She In Herself Is Enough For Someone To Love Her



We recently caught up with actress Katrina Kaif where she spoke about her character Babita Kumari from the soon-to-be released Zero. Read on to know all she had to say

She plays a superstar who is loved by all in the film that stars Shah Rukh Khan as a dwarf and Anushka Sharma a NASA scientist with cerebral palsy. Talking about being the only prominent person in the film who doesn’t seem to have any shortcomings – physically, Katrina said,
“I think the thing Aanand sir wanted to say in the film was that things are not often as they seem on the outside. Probably from an outsiders prospective one would see Aafia (Anushka’s character) has an obstacle to overdone with her disability. That in some way is a burden for her, a difficulty for her. Bauua is a vertically challenged character who obviously many people will not treat with the respect he would like to have.”
Moving on to talking about Babita Kumari she said,
“And then you have the dimensionally opposite – a loved movie star, who is loved by millions but yet can’t find a completion that she in herself is enough. She in herself is enough for someone to love her. That I think is a common human tread in general. Deep down inside u think many people feel that they are incomplete. Something feels like it is missing. There’s always that thought in the mind that if u get something I will be complete – happy.”
Talking about the similarities between Katrina Kaif and Babita, the Dhoom 3 actress said,
“Not at all. I’ve been thinking about the differences – the main differences that are there in the character. You see, at the core of emotions, I think we humans go through the same emotions. So whether I play a mass murderer, a doctor, an actress – the emotions are quite similar, the beats are the same – you feel vulnerable, you feel threatened, you feel insecure, you feel lonely, you feel happy, you feel exuberant.”
She continued,
“So Babita being an actress – I’m an actress so there’s that similarity. So in a few shots that‘s nice to have that familiarity but the character that he crafted – Babita Kumari – was very different from me. That was also something I wanted to go on that journey with Aanand sir and discover that character. On the surface I actually also thought like you (guys) – I was like I’m playing an actress what is there, I don’t want to play. I actually didn’t pretty want to do the character and Aanand sir said you’re not seeing what I’m seeing. Just understand what I want to do and I was like theek hai- she’s feeling pain, but there’s no great thing in that.
But it was about the person he wanted to create. And that person he wanted to create that was a very intense journey for me. That was an intense journey we went on together. I think I expected it in some way and I also didn’t really want it as I was in a time of in life where I was really very happy. I was just coming out of a place of learning to be a little bit peaceful, a shanti time in my life. And I was like ‘Aanand sir this is very tumultuous, she’s deeply in pain and deeply upset, deeply insecure but is not showing that as well. And that’s what I liked. If the movie works and the character works – to me that would be the biggest strength. People will hopefully relate to her vulnerability and they’ll also relate to how she tries to cover them up.”

Zero starring Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif is directed by Aanand L Rai. This Red Chillies and Colour Yellow Productions releases on December 21.



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