Katrina Infuriated By Re-Shoot Of Scenes For Fitoor

Katrina Infuriated By Re-Shoot Of Scenes For Fitoor

Director Abhishek Kapoor aka Gattu is unhappy about the way the movie is shaping up. He recently took a look at the first rushes and was not left disappointed by what he saw. Therefore, he felt the need to re-shoot a few scenes from the movie, which also includes a lovemaking scene between the leads Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapoor.

A source said, “Gattu is disappointed with the way the film is shaping up. He is so infuriated that he has called for a re-shoot of a lovemaking scene between the film’s lead pair Aditya Roy Kapur and Katrina Kaif, which he believed wasn’t ‘up to the mark’.”

However, Katrina didn’t seem to take this very well and was annoyed about re-shooting her lovemaking scene. The source also revealed, “Katrina is angry with the director and strongly disagreed on the point of re-shooting the entire sequence. In fact, till the last moment, the crew had no clue if the shoot was happening at all. Eventually, the producers calmed Kat down and got her to agree to the scene again. But not before she threw a major fit. Intimate scenes are not easy to do. And then to reshoot them is a bigger pain.”

Hopefully, after the re-shoot things will start looking up for Fitoor.

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