Karwaan Review: Welcome To The Beautiful ‘Dakshin Bharat Darshan’

Karwaan Review: Welcome To The Beautiful ‘Dakshin Bharat Darshan’


Before we say anything about the movie, we just want to state a known fact that IRRFAN KHAN, is so far, the best, and the most versatile actor this Bollywood industry has ever got! We simply love him and hope that he gets well real soon!

Talking about the movie, this full of mishaps road trip has managed to win our hearts in every way possible. After such a long time we got to witness a totally different story with loads of feel-good factor in it. The story begins when Avinash (Dulquer Salmaan), who’s living the monotonous life of an IT employee and comes across the news of the death of his father, who was on his way to Gangotri and died in a bus accident. But somehow, his father’s body reaches Kochi and he gets the body of an old lady who was coincidentally his father’s co-passenger. These courier blunders, I tell you!

Anyway, Avinash sets off for his journey for Kochii with his dear friend Shaukat Ali (Irrfan Khan) but has to take a lot of stops in between like Ooty, Coimbatore and others. And in one of the stops Tanya a.k.a Mithila Palkar also joins Avi and Shaukat in their journey.

Akarsh Khurana finally managed to make a visually beautiful and heart-warming film in his third attempt and gifted us with a totally different story. Good job there!

Again, Hats off to Irrfan Khan for making us laugh till our bellies ached each time he came on-screen. Shaukat Ali will remain forever in our hearts!

It is simply impossible to take eyes off Dulquer Salmaan!! Even if he is not delivering a dialogue and just simply sitting in a scene, he played his character so strong that you could actually feel his presence. Bollywood debut done right, we must say! Mithila was perfect as Tanya as no one could’ve looked and played as chirpy and notorious as she did. Long way to go for this young star!

All in all, we would highly recommend you to watch Karwaan because of its eye-soothing shots, earworm inducing music and brilliant performances. We will give this one 4 stars with a big kink!


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