If Chandni Is Remade Today With New Generation Actors…

If Chandni Is Remade Today With New Generation Actors…

Yash Chopra’s ‘Chandni’ starring Sridevi, Rishi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna celebrates its 26th anniversary today. The film has been given a cult status and is regarded as one of the best romantic films ever made in Bollywood.

Well, nowadays the trend of remake is going on in Bollywood. So, we wonder who would star in the film if Chandni is remade. Let’s check out who would fit the roles of Rohit (Rishi), Chandni (Sridevi) and Lalit (Vinod).

Who better than Rishi Kapoor’s son Ranbir Kapoor to play the role of the lover boy, Rohit! Ranbir has the chocolate boy looks and maybe this film will give his career the much needed boost. Vinod Khanna’s suave and sorted character was loved by everyone and we feel John Abraham can do justice to the character.

When it comes to Chandni, it’s very difficult to find a suitable replacement for Sridevi. We cannot imagine someone else as Chandni because Sridevi carried that role with an excellent grace. But, to step in Sri’s shoes we feel that Deepika Padukone will be perfect. Her smile will do wonders for the film and watching Deepika in the iconic white Punjabi suit will be amazing.

And yes, last but not the least, who will be able to recreate the magic of Chandni the way Yashji did. And we only have one name and that is Aditya Chopra.

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