Hate Story 3 Movie Review

Hate Story 3 Movie Review

After tasting success with Hate Story and Hate Story 2, the makers of the film have now come up with Hate Story 3. The movie has hit the screens today after the promos and the songs of the film promised a lot of thriller element spiced up with erotica. So, let’s see if the film offers what it promised.

The movie is about Aditya (Sharman Joshi) who is living a happy life with his wife Sia (Zareen Khan). In their life enters Saurav Singhania (Karan Singh Grover) who offers all the finance to Aditya for his business, but on one condition – Sia has to spend a night with him. Aditya rejects the deal and Saurav decides to destroy him. So, is that the only reason why Saurav wants Aditya’s life to be miserable? Well, no! Of course, we won’t tell the reason. The story moves ahead with numerous twists and turns…

The story of the film is written by Vikram Bhatt and he tries to come up with a script that has a lot of twists and turns. However, all thanks to a not-so-impressive screenplay, the film becomes very predictable in the first half; the twist and turns are so clichéd that it looks more like an Abbas-Mustan movie. However, the second half of the film is far better than the first half. It keeps you hooked totally. And the twist in the climax is absolutely amazing. No one will be able to predict the climax. Hats off to Vikram Bhatt for that! When it comes to erotica, it is limited only to the songs, which by the way are forced. The erotica, must say, is hot but less than what we saw in the first part of the franchise.

Vishal Pandya, who had directed Hate Story 2, comes back with Hate Story 3. His direction is just like the script – not focused. The director’s narration fails to grip the audience in the first half, but handles the film amazingly in the second half. It seems like he just followed the script and directed it. He could have done some improvisation in his narration. Cinematography by Prakash Kutty is good; he has wonderfully shot the curves of Zareen and Daisy Shah. Editing of the film could have been better; there are a lot of continuity issues in the film.

The ultimate star of the film is Karan Singh Grover. He is truly excellent in the film. Right from his entry to the climax, Karan proves that he is not there to only lick the actresses’ body, but he is a very good actor as well. Karan is the saving grace of the film. Sharman Joshi is not meant for such films. He is a complete miscast. His acting is pathetic and sorry to say but he looks damn old in the film. Zareen Khan has wonderfully shown her voluptuous body, but how I wish she had emoted well too. She manages to act in a couple of scenes, especially where she has to show grey shades, but otherwise she is really bad. If you felt she was bad in Veer then after watching HS3 you will feel her performance in the Salman Khan starrer was award winning! Daisy Shah has tried her level best to prove her mettle as an actor. She is too good in serious sequences, but fails to do a good job in emotional scenes. And yes, not to forget, she is mind-blowing in her seductive sequences. While Zareen is ignorable, Daisy leaves a mark.

The music of the film is quite good. The songs were unwanted, but were included to maintain the erotic factor of the franchise. Meet Bros, Amaal Mallik and Baman have done a good job with the music.

I would have gone with just 1.5 stars for the film, but will be giving 1 star extra only for Karan’s splendid performance.

Hate Story 3 Movie Review Final Verdict:

Overall, Hate Story 3 is an average Bollywood pot-boiler. If you are a Karan Singh Grover fan, then it’s a must watch for you.


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Summary: Hate Story 3 is an average Bollywood pot-boiler. If you are a Karan Singh Grover fan, then it’s a must watch for you.
- Hate Story 3 Movie Review

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