KLB Exclusive: The Kinkiest Interview With Mastizaada Milap Zaveri

KLB Exclusive: The Kinkiest Interview With Mastizaada Milap Zaveri

As a writer, he has tickled audiences pink with films like Masti, Heyy Babyy, Housefull, Grand Masti and Main Tera Hero amongst several others. He now has two films releasing next month – Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 (as Writer), and Mastizaade (as Writer-Director). Coincidentally, both these films release in consecutive weeks, but the happy-go-lucky Milap Zaveri is not breaking into a sweat. Instead, he is confident that both these films will interest the audience equally, and enjoy a good business at the box office.

Excerpts from the fun exclusive chat Milap had with Kinky Little Boots today:

Today, Kinky Little Boots saw the trailer of Mastizaade in an exclusive screening, before it is revealed to the world on December 23. In case you haven’t read our sneak peek review on it yet, check it out here: Mastizaade_Trailer_Review

We all know the CBFC issue that happened with Mastizaade; but still there are quite some “objectionable” scenes in the trailer. This makes me wonder about the scenes that got chopped off.

I have not lost any scene from this film. There were a few tweaking here and there, that’s it. Usually, movies reach CBFC two weeks before their release, and so have to make amendments according to the CBFC. But in our case, we invested 4-5 months to ensure that we don’t have to chop off any scene in the film and spoil it. See, the CBFC has to do its job, and I have to ensure that I am creatively satisfied. So, I shot a few extra scenes to balance out the risqué scenes in case they get chopped off. The producers, Pritish and Rangita Nandy, and I were very clear that we won’t let the film suffer. From the beginning, we planned everything in such a way that at least 99% of the film gets cleared as it is, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

I’m surprised the film’s trailer escaped the Censor’s scissors.

Our movie is clearly an Adult movie. We have a strong disclaimer too before our trailer starts. Plus, this is not the first movie under this genre. We have Grand Masti which is the only Adult movie in the history of Indian cinema to have earned a massive 100 crore at the box office. This evidently means that the genre is accepted and loved by the Indian audience. The CBFC understood this fact, and I’m thankful to them for accepting that this is what the film needs.

How do you gauge audience reaction when you’re writing a script?

I have a wonderful vast family – my parents, my two younger brothers, my sister, my wife and my sister-in-law. So, what I do is, I always share my punch-lines and my jokes with them; if they laugh, I know my audiences will laugh too. And if they don’t find it objectionable, my audiences won’t think so too.

Was there any awkwardness while explaining raunchy scenes to your actors?

See, I’m an entertainer; my job is to entertain people. So, I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. Then why should I feel awkward? We all get several “non-veg” jokes daily. If we can laugh at those jokes and share them with others, why can’t we watch it in movies meant for adults? I’m making an Adult Comedy, so why feel shy or awkward? Instead, I choose to do some ‘front foot batting’!


Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 (KKHH3), which is an Adult Comedy, releases a week before Mastizaade. Plus, Tusshar Kapoor will be seen in it too. Do you think this will affect your film?

Mushtaq Sheikh and I have co-written KKHH3 as well as Mastizaade. If you see the promos of both the films, you’ll realise that we’ve kept both the films as different from each other as possible. I believe that nobody can have enough of a good thing; if something is crazy and mad, I’ll go again to enjoy it. I just hope KKHH3 does fabulously on 22nd, and we also do great on 29th.

Was Sunny Leone the first choice for the role?

Yes, she was. I didn’t believe she’ll do it. But Rangita was adamant we try. So, we went to meet Sunny. There, we first had to give a narration to her husband, Daniel (Weber). He enjoyed it so much that he immediately took us to meet Sunny, and she agreed immediately. And the day we got her on board officially, she has no idea of the number of cartwheels I did in my mind! I also did this little dance of joy with my wife!

IMG-20151221-WA0012 - Copy (2)_Fotor

Milap, one thing I realised, is a man who is as sensible as he is funny. He knows the business, he knows his audience, and he knows how to keep them both happy! And now, after watching the uproarious Mastizaade trailer, I know one thing for sure – the audience will LOL and ROFL in the theatre while the producers will laugh their way to the bank!


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Pree Naman


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