Exclusive: Uljha Came From My Personal Experiences – Hriday Gattani

Exclusive: Uljha Came From My Personal Experiences – Hriday Gattani

On Friday, Hriday Gattani of “Udan Chhoo” (Banjo) fame released his first single. An extremely simple and soul stirring song shot in a not-so-simple and mind-blowing way is something you gotta watch!

When Kinky Little Boots met up with the talented young singer for an EXCLUSIVE interview, we got to know some really interesting details. Read on to know.

What was the thought behind coming up with Uljha?
I have been writing for around three years now. I always wanted to write something that is interesting enough and is relevant to everybody. Uljha fit the bill completely. Uljha was a thought that came on one day when I was just sitting with my guitar. I relate to the words in the song since that’s how I am. So maybe this song came from my personal experiences!

Before Uljha materialised, did you have a particular theme in mind for your first single?
Like I said, I like songs that everybody can relate to. That’s the kind of songs I always enjoy listening. So, it naturally came to me! But we never thought how my first song will be. Uljha just happened. I had already coined the hook. Then I called my friend Bhavesh and asked him to help me with finishing the song. That’s how Uljha took shape.

If you haven’t watched the song yet, watch it right away. It’s the best thing you will see today!

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