Emraan Hashmi’s Roles That Make Him Better Than The Khans & Kapoors

Emraan Hashmi’s Roles That Make Him Better Than The Khans & Kapoors

Emraan Hashmi is like Rahul Dravid of Bollywood. The aforementioned sentence sums up the career of both the greats of their respective fields and very few recognize their greatness.

Emraan Hashmi is synonymous with kissing, hugely popular dialogues. There was a time when any song picturized on Emraan Hashmi was a chartbuster.

Here are movies of Emraan Hashmi that set him apart from the rest of the cloud:


This role took Emraan Hashmi to new heights in the genre of unconventional roles. Hashmi won accolades for his exceptional portrayal of this complicated role of a sleazy videographer sporting a paunch, buck teeth and a darker complexion. He received his second Best Supporting Actor nomination at the 56th Filmfare Awards for this performance, touted as ‘the year’s finest, bravest and most consistent performance.
Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai


Although being a multi-starrer, this movie saw a phenomenal performance by Hashmi as Shoaib Khan. His role as Shoaib in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai was inspired by the real-life gangster Dawood Ibrahim. He received an award for the Best Supporting Actor at the 56th Filmfare Awards for this movie.


Emraan Hashmi plays the lead protagonist in the movie based on a true story, The movie revolves around the life of a pharmaceutical salesman in Pakistan who works for a baby food manufacturing company. Upon realization that his company’s products have had adverse effects on the babies and even killed many, he decides to put up a brave fight against the company and the corporate system.



This movie showcased Emraan’s versatile performance and won him a lot of critical acclaims. He portrayed the role of a bookie and was appreciated for his ability to act in diverse roles with such ease.



Emraan Hashmi was seen enacting the role of an obsessive lover of a married woman and it was this performance and some raunchy scenes with Mallika Sherawat is where he grabbed the metaphorical brass ring.


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