Do You Know What Salman Khan Is Afraid Of?

Do You Know What Salman Khan Is Afraid Of?

We all know Salman Khan as the Dabangg Khan of Bollywood. He is someone who is absolutely fearless and does what his heart says. So, what is that one thing that the superstar is afraid of? Let us tell you.

The actor recently said that he is afraid of losing his stardom that he achieved in the last 25 years of career. He thinks life is much more than just being an onscreen hero.

Dabangg Khan stated in a recent interview, “Everyone is scared of losing stardom. I would be lying if I say no. It’s not just the stardom… It’s that love, it’s that respect. Suddenly, it all gets over… That is one quality you are working so hard for and suddenly something happens and you are not the liked person any more… That bothers everyone.”

But Bajrangi Bhaijaan feels that a person should be strong enough to face the problems. He added, “You need to be that man who could take that (fading stardom). I have seen my father (writer Salim Khan) go through it… He has gone through it twice in his life. I myself have gone through that. But I think life is more just than being a hero and star in movies. I think it’s a lot more than that.”

Salman, we simply love you in all your avatars and we hope you keep entertaining us for many more years!

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