Deepika Padukone’s Regal Avatar In Padmavati Will Make You Cringe Out Of Jealousy

Deepika Padukone’s Regal Avatar In Padmavati Will Make You Cringe Out Of Jealousy


Deepika Padukone once again made her way into our hearts with her regal side in her upcoming period drama Padmavati. If the character poster wasn’t enough to make us jealous of her beauty, it was the trailer of the movie that left us all startled. Deepika oozeds royalty. The way she walked through the palace, the attitude she displays while sitting bedsides Shahid Kapoor, as well as when Ranveer Singh and his army arrive at their doorsteps to conquer the kingdom – every frame was simply a treat to one’s eye.

Apart from the trailer and character poster, what actually caught our eyes was the jewelry and her attire. It was Deepika’s perfect posture that fit the Rajputana culture, but one couldn’t resist eyeing the jewelry Deepika donned in the trailer.

Take a look at the images here:






After the trailer was launched, a team of News18 had an interview with the designers – who worked tirelessly towards achieving the perfection – Rimple and Harpreet. The two had a lot to say. The duo stated:

“Given that we are dealing with 14th-century royals, and not much is actually documented of that era, we had to shift and isolate key elements that might have been prevalent then and eliminate all modern/Mughal/ European influences from the garments to enter a pure-zone that Mr. Bhansali envisioned for the character.”

They further added:

“Initially, our design team started to research by delving into various travelers’ accounts and manuscripts to get an idea of how the lifestyle of the Royals used to be back then.”

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