Chin2 Bhosle Confirms The Reunion For A Band Of Boys

Chin2 Bhosle Confirms The Reunion For A Band Of Boys

Varkey Patani with a band of boys

A Band Of Boys, the pop sensation of the early 2000s, is making a gigantic comeback this year with a new music album. Varkey Patani, the manager of A Band Of Boys (ABOB) has confirmed their comeback after more than a decade of a break. The album is anticipated to come out early this year and break all their previous records.

The band was initially formed in the year 2001 and has rocked India with top jams like Gori, Nain Katari, Meri Neend, She drives me crazy etc. With their very first single, they shot up on the chartbusters and band members Karan Oberoi, Chaitanya Bhosle (popularly known as Chin2 Bhosle, whose grandmother is the legendary singer, Asha Bhosle), Siddharth Haldipur, Sherrin Varghese and Sudhanshu Pandey became overnight heartthrobs of India.

To add to the enthusiasm of the event, Varkey also quoted that:

“I have known them for years or maybe even a decade, in fact, had released a single of theirs at times music as well, and also Chin2 Bhosle first ever album with Asha ji at Times Music. After having formed today’s hot favourite boy band SANAM through a band hunt, when I was at times they were then called the SQS Supastars, and after having launched many such iconic independent artists – I feel it was about time to get the boys together under one roof and reunite them and relaunch them – they being India’s first ever boy band”.

Chin2 added to the statement that:

“A Band of Boys over the last 5 years has been like a rudderless boat. We’re very much alive but I’d say drifting into the oblivion of high sea. I’ve known Varkey for many years now and in fact, he launched my first solo album with Times Music. It’s superb to have connected with him and his team at Go Live and at the perfect time. The band desperately needed leadership, management and in a nutshell direction. Varkey and his team have brilliantly done that and is steering us back to port. We totally look forward to rocking the country and world under his aegis”.

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