Bollywood Stars Who Should Pen Down Their Phenomenal Journey

Bollywood Stars Who Should Pen Down Their Phenomenal Journey


Bollywood stars have played and lived several characters throughout their career. They have faced several insurmountable obstacles and yet have scaled new heights in their careers. The personal and professional lives of some stars have been so tremendous, inspirational, and sometimes mystical that we wish they should pen down their life and showcase it to the world.


Here is the list of the stars that we think should have an autobiography.

Salman Khan

The Sultan of Bollywood and also the controversies, Salman Khan, has always been a favorite child of controversies. Be it criminal charges, affairs, fights, or cold wars with other actors, Salman has faced it all. His life has been one helluva ride. We hope Sallu bhai takes some time out and reveals the unheard, thrilling, and fascinating stories of his life or he gives his nod for a biography on him.

Kangana Ranaut

An ambitious girl from a small town in Himachal, Kangana has scaled great heights in her life. However, her life hasn’t been a stereotypical struggling tale; the Queen girl has been a part of many controversies and ‘mud slinging’ competitions. Her recent ugly fight with Hrithik Roshan affected her the most but she hasn’t allowed that to affect her professional life. We hope she herself pens down her past or allows someone to write about the truth.

Aamir Khan

He has been in the industry for around three decades; Aamir Khan has proved his mettle as a filmmaker. The superstar carries a different aura and has true compassion for an actor. He is also touted to be the best actor in the B-town and his back-to-back blockbusters have been a proof for it. His autobiography or a biography will apparently inspire many youngsters looking forward to make it big in the industry.

Priyanka Chopra

She made her debut with The Hero (2003) and within the span of 15 years she has become a global superstar. Apart from being an actor, she has also been an international singer, and is now a producer. She has rocked the red-carpet looks, has appeared on famous English talk shows and is currently living a fairy tale. Her autobiography will be a true blue success story, or the busy lady should give her green signal for her biography.


Bollywood’s one of the most sensuous and gorgeous divas Rekha has emerged as a true star in the industry. Her journey in the industry has been a struggling one. Apart from becoming a huge star in the 70s and 80s, Rekha also got had many controversial affairs from Sajid Khan to Amitabh Bachchan, she has always been involved with a couple of men, but always failed to maintain the relationship. We would love if Rekha would share her story as an autobiography or if she approves of a biography on her life.

Shah Rukh Khan

We would most definitely wish that Shah Rukh Khan writes an autobiography. But there is already a book named ‘Shahrukh Khan – Still Reading’ which has been written by his friend Mushtaq Shiekh. But, we wish that SRK takes time out to pen down his life himself after 4-5 years from now. After all, who would not want to read a book that is written by the King of Bollywood himself?

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