Your Guide To Salman Khan’s Sultan Is Here

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In the Eid of 2016, it will be a clash of the titans, as Salman Khan’s Sultan will face-off against Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. There is enormous hype around both the films and we have some inside news about Sultan. So read on.

What is the movie about: The movie is about a wrestler from Haryana whose name is Sultan. He is also called ‘Sher of Haryana’. The Dabangg actor has already started his preparations for this role. He says, “I will be bulkier than before. I play a wrestler who, later on, will do a lot of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in the film.”

Salman will begin shooting for the movie on November 22. Director Ali Abbas Zafar says, “The film will be shot from mid-November to mid-March. There will be one full schedule only.”

The team of Sultan had completed their recce a few months ago. According to the director, “The film will be shot in Delhi, Haryana and Mumbai.” There were also reports that to avoid similar locales, Aamir had requested the Sultan team to shoot somewhere else and that Salman had asked the team to build the sets in Mumbai. True? “The film will be shot in real-life locations. Only a few scenes will be shot indoors in Karjat. So no, this is not true.”

Salman also confirmed the news about his training, “I uploaded a picture from my training session a few days ago. Don’t ask me, my whole body is paining. Arre baap re! Kahaan kahaan pain ho raha main kya batau (laughs). But these are the initial days. So hopefully in about a week or so, the pain will go.”

Aamir Khan’s Dangal was also on the life of a wrestler but, according to the director, it is nothing like Dangal, “Dangal is a biopic. My film majorly revolves around the character of Sultan. At heart, it’s a story of one character and it’s all about the fight within. Sultan is completely fictional, but inspiring at the same time.”

The director also confirmed that Salman will play a 40-something guy in the movie. “Salman will put on and lose weight according to the demands of the script. His character will be caught within the same time frame, there’s no time lapse in the film like there is in Dangal, where Aamir plays both an 18-year-old as well as a 50-year-old.”

According to a source, Salman will be sporting two looks, “He will be muscular first and then he will get leaner.” Which portion are they shooting first? “All depends upon the action director. He will decide which portions to shoot first, depending in which state Salman’s body is.”

The director will be announcing the name of the leading lady soon, “There will only be one heroine and we will announce it soon.” Ali also said, “Salman will learn Haryanvi and take training sessions to perfect the diction. There will be several Haryanvi dialogues in the film.”

Ali also put to rest the speculation about Rekha’s involvement, “There is no Rekha in the film.”

According to Ali, the story is that of inspiration, “As the catchline goes, the demons are within oneself. There won’t be anyone playing the antagonist in the film.”

He also confirmed that there will be song and dance in the movie, “There will be songs and dances too. It’s a typical commercial film. But the film will have a lot of human emotions and a heart. It won’t just be a masala potboiler.”

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