Shah Rukh Khan And Kajol Are ‘Best Worst Dancers’ In The World

srk and kajol

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are working with Rohit Shetty for Dilwale. And by the looks of it they are having a ball. The film is already in news because of its awesome star cast. People are eagerly awaiting the release of this movie, as they want to see SRK and Kajol recreate the magic that they did in DDLJ.

King Khan expressed his happiness on Twitter after a crazy night of dancing with his co-star. He sounded ecstatic as he mentioned that he loves working nights. SRK is known for his magnificent romance on screen and charming personality that can make any girl swoon. But he himself has admitted that he is hesitant when it comes to dancing.

While we are waiting with baited breaths for the movie to come out, for now we’ll only have to suffice with SRK’s tweet: “There’s nothing I like more than working. A dancing nite with Kajol even better.V r the worst best dancers in the world!!! Honest confession.”

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