Salman Openly Invites SRK On Bigg Boss 9 For Dilwale Promotions

salman and shahrukh

Any time Salman Khan openly invites Shah Rukh Khan for any occasion or function, it turns out to be big news. And this time it is no different. The large hearted Salman has invited his foe-turned-friend SRK on Bigg Boss 9, saying “I would love to have him on the show. But he knows I don’t mean it. So let me put it this way- if he has the dates he will come… if he wants to spend time with the contestants he is more than welcome. He can might as well come and give life lessons to my contestants.”  The last line is where we got to see some tongue-in-cheek humor from Salman. It was in reference to SRK’s video where he seemed to be giving away life-lessons to his fans.

The two actors were involved in a fight during Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash at a nightclub and since then the two didn’t see eye to eye. But, of late the two have mended their ways and SRK even released the poster of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. We only wish that the two stars forever stay united.

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