Farhan Akhtar Believes Raees And Sultan Clash Is Unavoidable

Farhan Akhtar Believes Raees And Sultan Clash Is Unavoidable

sultan and raees

Farhan Akhtar is a seasoned campaigner and when he says something, people take notice. You might have already heard the news of Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees and Salman Khan’s Sultan releasing on the same day. The clash is termed as that of titanic proportions and all eyes are on both the makers to see who backs out first.

But when Farhan, producer of Raees, was asked whether it was a wise decision to release the film alongside Salman’s film, he replied, “That has happened in the past when there have been two big releases on the same day and both of them have done well. So this depends on the audience. We leave it to them to decide. The fact is when you make a film and you want to release it on a certain date, you have the right to.”

Talking about the business getting divided, Farhan said, “I would rather hope that both of them will have enough followers and admirers to watch both the films.” He adds, “If you are making a good film, it will work no matter which film it’s clashing with. And if both Raees and Sultan turn out to be good films, both will do equally well at the box office.”

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