Farah Khan Ghost Directs Dilwale?

farah, srk n kajol

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer Dilwale has been in the news even before the shooting for the movie started. The stars shared their fun moments from the sets. We got a glimpse of the Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon’s dance number shot in Bulgaria. It seemed like the stars were keen to create happy memories. Even SRK had joined in the fun by spending great time with fans.

But the captain of the ship Rohit Shetty isn’t a pleased man. He is on a tight schedule and has only 55 days left. And with post production still left, he has struck the panic button. The movie is slated to release soon and there was urgent need to wrap up things.

He found help in the form of Farah Khan, who lent her time to squeeze in as many songs as possible during the Hyderabad leg of the shoot. A source said, “Farah was specially flown down to Hyderabad to can as much song and dance sequence as possible at the Ramoji city, while Rohit finalised his other details.” The source also added, “Wonder if it was just the dance bits that Farah shot, coz Rohit is walking a tight rope as far as Dilwale is concerned. It is quite possible that Farah Khan has ghost shot some parts of the movie.”

SRK’s team disagreed with the news and even went to the extent of laughing off the matter. They said, “The film will release in December how is it even possible that 55 days of shoot is pending? We are very much on schedule and it’s only about 20 percent of film that is left right now.”

Dilwale will release on December 18 this year.

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