Deepika Padukone Opens Up About Comparison Between Bajirao Mastani And Bahubali

deepika padukone

The movie Bahubali has made a huge name for itself as it went on to break all kinds of box-office records. Another period drama on the life of Peshwa warrior Bajirao Mastani is all set to release and people have started comparing the two aforementioned movies.

While it’s true that Bahubali was SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus, it means the same for Sanjay Leela Bhansali, but there are plenty of differences in the movie and Deepika who is the lead actress of Bajirao Mastani clarified by saying, “No, there is absolutely no comparison between the two films. Both the films are different and maybe one point of view can draw comparisons, but if you see the material itself, you would see that it’s different.”

Earlier, Ranveer Singh had also reacted to comparisons by saying, “I loved Baahubali. Yes, it did raise the bar in terms of visual effects and what it could do with it. But, Baahubali is very very different from Bajirao Mastani. It is a dramatic, action movie but ours is a dramatic, romance movie. It’s a love story and it focuses on the personal life of people. it focuses on emotions and drama. Yes, it has action, yes we have visual effects but they aren’t the core of our film. The inter-personal relationship and drama is the core of the film. So, the films are different. However, the wide acceptance of Baahubali is a positive sign for us.”

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