Celebrities Turn Matchmaker On Twitter

Celebrities Turn Matchmaker On Twitter

Bollywood actors are busy turning matchmakers for their beloved fans. They are busy using their prowess of social media to turn Cupid. The recent incident of how SRK helped out a fan, Sarthak Kher, who wanted a girl from his university to be his prom date, proved beyond doubt the love they have for their fans. So, when Sarthak asked SRK for advice, the latter happily obliged and gave away some useful piece of advice to the boy. “Treat her with dignity, gentleness and love. And don’t forget to pep per it with a bit of humour.” This tweet in support of the boy changed his fortunes and together the guy and the girl thanked SRK.

Sonakshi Sinha also received a similar request and this was her time to play matchmaker. Amber, who has fallen for Sidharth Malhotra, approached Sonakshi Sinha while she was busy celebrating 5 years of her debut movie. The actress was more than happy to oblige and reached out to the actor on Twitter, “Siddy boy ek shaadi ka proposal aaya hai tumhare liye im just playin cupid.”

The actor replied, “Sona ji Proposal se darr Nahi lagta pyar se darr lagta hai.” With one reply he made sure he kept his girl Alia Bhatt happy.

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