Bad Boy Badshah Gets Candid On The Son Of Abish Show

Bad Boy Badshah Gets Candid On The Son Of Abish Show


Abish Mathew is just hilarious! He has made us laugh so hard, that we actually couldn’t feel our cheeks for a while! Abish recently came up with a comedy talk show, Son Of Abish, and his segments will tickle your funny bone.

Recently, Bad Boy Badshah appeared on Son Of Abish with pop culture icon Mallika Dua, and the show was no less than a circus! The comic timings and the what-did-he-just-say chats will drive you crazy with laughter.

As we all know, Mallika is a total chatterbox and a class-one entertainer, but Badshah’s unknown avatar came in as a surprise to a lot of us. The rapper just stole the thunder with his unknown trivia in the show. Well, what do you know about him apart from him being a rapper? His REAL NAME? College? School? His interests? Anything? We are well-versed with his raps and songs, but we know nothing when it comes to his personal life. Yea, extremely getting the Jon Snow feels! ‘You Know Nothing!’

That’s fine! His candid chat with Abish just got us all amazing information about his personal life, and we just can’t stop awing to this rapper.

Watch the complete interview here:

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