EXCLUSIVE: Arjun Kapoor Says Baahubali Should Be Celebrated

EXCLUSIVE: Arjun Kapoor Says Baahubali Should Be Celebrated


Baahubali 2 has revealed the story of Baahubali’s death and people are going all berserk ever since the movie has released. This film has broken all the records in the history of cinema and has also given us every damn reason to make such films for the audience. Arjun Kapoor wants to convey the same message, and we could totally get it!

When a reporter compared Arjun’s film with Baahubali duology, he had a perfect reply, which will shut all the haters of the town. Arjun said:

“There is no such film called mine and yours. We are here to entertain, and all the actors come together to perform an art, and this is achieved by depicting a story from our lives. We have lived them! And that’s what films do! We should celebrate Baahubali, it’s a huge success. The makers have broken the language barriers and released it worldwide to share the tale; the film has done an amazing job. This just brings us closer. Rather than comparing films, we should be proud of it being our creation.”

Well said, Arjun!

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