Amavas Movie Review: Amavas Is Horror-Comedy But Both Are Unintentional.

Amavas Movie Review: Amavas Is Horror-Comedy But Both Are Unintentional.


This is so bad that it is not even funny unlike Gunda, Jaani Dushman, and Prem Rog so it won’t even work as a project for people trolling movies for views on youtube.

Amavas is about a rich businessman Karan Ajmera (Sachin Joshi) and his lover Ahana (Nargis Fakhri). Karan wants to propose to Ahana in Paris, but Ahana wants the ritual to take place in Karan’s summer mansion in remote England. The mansion also has one uninvited guest who is giving Karan and Ahana sleepless nights.

Ramsay Brothers brand of movies had a generic formula of making horror films which had-not-so-scary-ghosts, old havelis and songs sung by ghosts and guess which movie features all this? Wait don’t you wear your thinking-hat cause the writers also didn’t when they scribbled the story for A-M-A-V-A-S.

Bhushan Patel, the director resorts to new techniques like creaking door, clanging of chimes, whispering name of actors, loud footsteps, forcefull shutting of the door and use of the mirror to scare you. With all of this, he has made his actors to breathe heavily and frequent annoying noises but this can’t be blamed fully on the director as we are very well aware of the lead actors acting superiority. Even jump scares fail to scare you in this movie.

Sachhin Joshi and Nargis Fakhri try their best to try to act. Ali Asgar in the caricature-ish role of a butler named “Gothi” (the lengths this movie goes to make you laugh) is cringeworthy and the ghosts, yes there are ghosts in this movie and you will get to know about this huge plot-twist only if you do not exit the movie before it.

Amavas can be part of the syllabus in film-making school to teach students the “Don’ts” of horror film-making.

We give this movie as many stars as there is a moon in the sky during Amavas.

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