All You Wanted To Know About Sonam’s Next, After Neerja

All You Wanted To Know About Sonam’s Next, After Neerja

After riding high on the success of Neerja, Sonam Kapoor is planning to take it slow, and therefore, she said no to all offers post the film. However, there is one film that she has given her nod to. Let’s find out which movie will Sonam be doing next.

In an interview, Sonam said, “I am doing my sister Rhea’s production directed by Khubsoorat director Shashanka Ghosh. This new project is the only film I am doing right now. But I don’t play the central character in the new project, like I did in Khubsoorat. I’m part of an ensemble cast.”

She further adds, “For me, the interest level in a character is not dictated by the number of scenes in which I am visible. Boman Irani said something really great when he came to visit the sets of Neerja. He said there are no big or small roles. Only big or small actors.”

The actress also clarified that her next film is neither the adaptation of Anuja Chauhan’s novel The Battle Of Bittora nor the film titled Saat Hindustani, which her sister Rhea wants to produce.

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