Alia Bhatt Clears The Air Saying All Is Well With Shraddha

Alia Bhatt Clears The Air Saying All Is Well With Shraddha

Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor are the leading actresses of B-town. Both of them have gained immense popularity in such a short career span. Bollywood actresses are very well known for their cat fights and cold war. People started speculating problems between the two actresses when Alia did not attend Baaghi’s success party.

Alia and Shraddha were not in talking terms for quite some time and the issues were from Alia’s side. Actually, the Highway actress didn’t want her beau Siddharth Malhotra to sign a movie opposite Shraddha who was his co-star in the movie Ek Villain.

When Alia was asked about this, she said, “I skipped the party because I was shooting and not because I didn’t want to be there because of Shraddha. I don’t harbor any animosity towards her. There’s nothing wrong between us. She’s a lovely girl and we are constantly in touch and have a mutual admiration society going, where we are constantly sending each other messages and pics saying the other one is looking so amazing or hot! We have that kind of relationship and vibe. Shraddha is one of those people, I can say, who has a very unique, simple and beautiful charm about her. I find her very inspiring.”

When asked her about feeling insecure as an actress, she said, “If you had asked me this question a couple of years ago I would have probably said yes. But I think maybe because I am in a happy place, work-wise and personally. I feel that by being insecure and competitive, you are only spreading negativity and putting out an energy around yourself which is very tangible. You can spot a jealous person from far away. I am not saying you can’t be jealous, it is natural for one to feel that emotion, like ‘I wish I could be a part of that project, or dance as well as her’, etc, but the minute you change that envy into inspiration and if you seek inspiration from things like that, it just makes you feel better. I draw inspiration, not just from my contemporary actresses but also the boys too. I get intimidated or feel uncomfortable when I get a vibe from that person is not taking me seriously. That kind of throws me.”

We’ll take your word for it Alia!

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