Akshaye Khanna Has No Expectations From Dishoom

Akshaye Khanna Has No Expectations From Dishoom

Bollywood actor Akshaye Khanna is back on the silver screen with a bang with Rohit Dhawan’s action-adventure Dishoom. Akshaye who made his comeback on the big screen after a long time has no expectations from the film.

Akshay said, “I have no expectation from the film. Usually, the expectation and the hopes are the same – that people like it. No one makes a film thinking that people won’t like it. So every actor, director or producer makes a film with the intention that I have to make a good film. Similarly, I have the same hope that people like the film and my work. But sometimes it doesn’t work out. Many times you feel that you’ve done a great job and made a good film but the audience rejects it.”

Akshaye, you definitely have a point!



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