Akshay Kumar Is Unaffected By Khans’ Holiday Releases

Akshay Kumar Is Unaffected By Khans’ Holiday Releases

We all know that the Khans of Bollywood have always made sure that they get holiday releases. However, action maverick Akshay Kumar is completely unaffected by this. In fact, he is quite OK with the whole situation.

Here is what Akki said in a recent interview, “Kuch bachta hi nahi hai hai apne liye. Republic Day bachta hai isliye Airlift aa rahi hai.”

“Everybody does it. They book it for one-two years in advance. Hum toh kabhi bhi aa jate hai. There’s nothing wrong also. That’s absolutely fine. Everyone has the choice to release their films whenever they want to. And if their films get the holiday release dates, it’s good for them,” the actor further added.

On asking if this fact bothers him, Akshay said, “I don’t see that as a point. I just release my films when my director, my producer and my distributor is ready. So it doesn’t matter.”

Well, this super cool attitude surely says a lot about the star.

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