Ajay Devgn Influenced Kajol To Do Dilwale

Ajay Devgn Influenced Kajol To Do Dilwale

Kajol will soon be seen in Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale and she is totally busy promoting the film at various events. In a recent press interview she spoke about how she managed to do this film despite having a busy family life.

Kinky Little Boots asked her if husband Ajay Devgn, who has worked with Rohit Shetty several times, influenced her to do Dilwale. To which she replied,“Well he has definitely influenced me. No two ways about it. I could not have done this film without his help, because he was the one who turned around and told me…’don’t worry about the kids, I’m going to stay at home…main sambhal lunga…tu jaa. Tujhe ye film karni hai ki nahi?’ So I said I want to do it, I like the film. So he said ‘you want to do the film, you do the film, I’ll make it happen.’ So, I guess that’s true love.”

Aaawww, that’s really sweet of Ajay to be so loving and supportive of his wife! God Bless this jodi.

Dilwale will hit the screens on 18th Dec, are you excited?


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