9XM Music Launches Rossh’s New Single STUFF

9XM Music Launches Rossh’s New Single STUFF


A young, energetic rapper, composer, and lyricist, Rossh has released a new song, Stuff. This rapper of B-town has left no stone unturned to keep us all entertained with his high-on-life lyrics and peppy beats. It’s not just the song that will steal your heart, but also the video with all the psychedelic feels will make you go wow in every frame.

Rossh loves experimenting with hip-hop and its sub-genres, and Stuff stands tall as yet another example of his rap songs. Born and raised in Haryana, Rossh is a lyricist as well.

Rossh walked the aisle of success when he released his two hit songs – Coco Channel and Chillam. Chillam was also his debut song, which crossed 9 million views on YouTube.

Rossh has got all the swag to woo his audience with his talent. Don’t you believe us? Check out his new song, right away:

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