7 Moments In Bajirao Mastani Trailer That You’ll Love

7 Moments In Bajirao Mastani Trailer That You’ll Love

We are in love with Bajirao Mastani trailer. It is surely the best trailer of the year. Each and every second of the trailer is engaging and offers something great.

But here we have jotted down 7 moments in the trailer that will make you go gaga over it:

1) Priyanka Chopra’s Entry:

Priyankas entry

The trailer starts with Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, but it picks up with Priyanka’s entry. The actress, with a flag in her hand, makes a sparkling entry in a graceful way. We are sure you will repeat the first few seconds of the trailer just to watch PeeCee’s entry.

2) Deepika Padukone’s Dialogue In Her Courtesan Avatar:

Deepika confidence dialogue delivery

Deepika is looking gorgeous throughout the trailer, but the scene that grabbed our attention was the scene in which she says a wonderful dialogue confidently. “Kiski Talvar Par Sar Rakho Yeh Batado Mujhe, Ishq Karna Agar Khata Hai Toh Saza Do Mujhe.” We are in love with this dialogue.

3) Ranveer Singh’s Dialogue About His Talvar:

bajirao ki talwar

There’s a sequence where we see Ranveer talking about his sword. Believe us, the actor has wonderfully adopted the Marathi accent.

4) Priyanka’s Gurur Dialogue:

PCs dialogue

The dialogue is nothing new and great, but the way PeeCee has said it, we loved it. We are still in awe of her style of saying the dialogue, “Par Aapne Toh Humse Hamara Gurur Chhin Liya.” Amazing, PeeCee! It looks like the character of Kashibai was written just for you.

5) Deepika Tied With A Chain:

Deepika teid

This sequence comes only with the background music but is excellently shot by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. This scene will remind you of one of the greatest films of Bollywood ‘Mughal-E-Azam’.

6) Ranveer Singh Arrow sequence:

Ranveer arrow

There is a scene in the trailer that has stolen our hearts. It’s the scene where Ranveer is riding a horse and someone shoots an arrow at him. The way Ranveer catches hold of the arrow… uff! It’s just fantastic.

7) Ranveer Looking At A Fort With Blood All Over His Body:

Ranveer looking at fort

This scene will surely give you goosebumps. Ranveer is standing looking at a fort. An arrow is stuck in his leg and his full body is covered with blood. The actor’s expression in the sequence makes us feel his pain. Hats off to Ranveer and SLB for getting this bang on!

Well, in around 3 minutes, we saw so many astonishing moments. We wonder what the film will offer.

We are sure like us even you are eagerly waiting for 18th Dec.


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