7 Go-Gaga Moments From Deepika Padukone’s Facebook Live Chat

7 Go-Gaga Moments From Deepika Padukone’s Facebook Live Chat

Today, when Deepika Padukone visited the Facebook office to connect with her fans gathered there, as well as everyone else via Facebook Live Chat, it was a treat for all. Not only was the actress her candid best, but she also revealed a lot of fun details about her… details no one knew about her before! In the 30-odd-minute long live chat, we found several moments to go gaga over her! Check out 7 such moments!

When she said what she’d do if she woke up as Vin Diesel:  “I would sit in a plane and get myself to India right now”
Well, Deepika… We so would want you both here… together! Let’s hope that happens soon! 🙂

She recently had her first ever sister holiday with her chhoti behen, Anisha. She said, “We have never done a sister holiday. We have always done a family holiday. This was the first time that my sister and I went alone on a holiday without my parents. And one week together. We travelled together, we cooked together. It teaches you so much about yourself, it teaches you so much about the other person and it just gave me an amazing opportunity to get to know her better. I moved out of our home at a very young age when she was still growing up and I think I missed those few years when she was growing and when I see her now she is so beautiful and she is such a lovely person that I feel like I am rediscovering her again.”
Awww! Isn’t it the sisterly bond we always wanted? (TBH… How I wish she was my effing sister!!!)

When she shared with all the three wishes she would place before a genie.
– More time with family and to somehow end up in the same city so that they all can live together
– Not working out and feeling good about it
– More time to spend with fans
More time at hand and no working out… ahhh! Our wish too, DP! 😉

Her bizarre superpower wish: She wants to be a vacuum cleaner so that she can suck all the dirt and keep every place clean!
Well, you are too gorgeous to be a vacuum cleaner, honey!

When asked about her favourite pass-time: She loves sleeping, doing things around the house, cooking, listening to music and spending time with her parents and sister.
Looks like this global celebrity is just like all of us after all, isn’t it?

Talking about her travel essentials, DP said: I have a pouch, which has everything in it. Safety pins, bandages, medicines, rubber bands, needle and thread, buttons, hooks, nail file, biscuits, mint perfume, everything. I literally travel with that one bag. So if anyone needs anything I am their go-to person.
OMG! Are you serious… needle and thread, buttons? These things toh aaj kal ki koi aam ladki bhi does not carry! 😀 You are way too well-prepared for everything, DP! Hats off to you! *heart*

Her take on cyber bullying: She says that she hasn’t really been bullied online, but she isn’t really worried because she’s sure her fans will fight for her!
Who wouldn’t fight for you, Deepika? We’re all ready!

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