102 Not Out Trailer Is Just A Fresh Breeze In This Killing Season

102 Not Out Trailer Is Just A Fresh Breeze In This Killing Season

102 not out

The first quarter of the year 2018 is out, and we are still hoping to watch a film that will leave us thrilled and amused at the same time. The year has started well as of now, but come on, we do need something good to keep us going through the tough phase of 2018. Till now, we have seen so many trailers, be it Avengers or any horror flick, 102 Not Out, starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor has made our day.

If you are living under the rock, Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan are coming back together on screen after a hiatus of 27 long years! Damn… This is actually huge. And the duo has left no stone unturned to tickle our funny bone.

The trailer shares an undying bond between the father and the son, where Amitabh (father of Rishi) adds life to his days whereas Rishi is busy living his age. While Amitabh wishes to live longer and break the record of the longest-lived man on the earth, Rishi is busy calculating his age and days left for him to spend.

The father-son duo looks wisecracking. Watch the trailer here:

A Sony Pictures Releasing International Production and worldwide distribution- 102 Not Out is Produced by SPE Films India, Treetop Entertainment, and Umesh Shukla’s Benchmark Pictures. The film releases worldwide on 4th May 2018

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